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Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) trackers are battery powered and have low power requirements. They are very discreet and hard to detect.

Improved designs and new technology have also contributed to lengthening battery life making them a viable option for use in theft protection.

​GSM vehicle tracking is routinely used by private investigators to track the routes taken by a subject whilst driving their vehicle. This can provide a cost-effective and less intrusive way of monitoring someone’s activity without having investigators spending many hours on the ground.

With the information provided by the GSM tracker a picture of a subject’s movements over time can be compiled – a highly effective tool for planning targeted surveillance operations.

​The tracking devices are small and can be easily concealed. They can be fitted and removed in seconds and there is no damage (or modification required) to the vehicle.

​Please get in touch to find out more about vehicle and asset tracking.

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All of our investigations are undertaken discretely, lawfully and ethically. Our costs are agreed with you prior to us starting work. We will not hold personal data for any longer than necessary. We use secure methods of data transfer whenever we need to submit information.  Once we complete your investigation you will be presented with a detailed report that is admissible as evidence in a court of law.

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