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National and International Private

and Corporate Investigation Specialists

Injury Claims

Using state of the art surveillance-based evidence to undermine a claimant’s case can substantially reduce potential damages awarded, especially if fraud and injury exaggeration is involved.

Unauthorised Absence

Investigating unauthorised absence is a complex area, where we liaise closely with the client and where relevant their Human Resources department if they wish.

Theft and Fraud

If you have suspicions that an employee is stealing, it’s important to act quickly. Theft and fraud rarely go away on their own and will often escalate as the perpetrator becomes more confident.

How to Start Your Private Investigation

You can contact us by phone, WhatsApp, text or email. If you would like us to call you, then please leave a brief message and we will get back to you. If needed, we can arrange a face-to-face conversation.

All our conversations are private and when carrying out work we always do so discretely, lawfully and ethically.

During the consultation we will discuss your concerns and recommend options and provide a quote. There is no obligation to start an investigation.  We do not charge for consultations.

If you decide to go ahead, we can provide you with regular updates as the investigation proceeds.

On completion we provide a full report along with imagery that can be used in a court of law if necessary.  


Specialist corporate investigations

We have over 16 years’ experience of providing bespoke investigation solutions to corporate and small business clients.



Divorce and separation

Our services have included support to legal teams in child welfare cases, suspected breaches of court orders, corporate level fraud investigation and intelligence gathering, employee absence and insurance fraud investigation.  

Whatever your requirements, we provide discrete, reliable and confidential solutions.

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